Send the amount you need to based on why you are sending us money.  Specify any ORDER #, Estimate # or any other reference we may need to efficiently match up your payment to what you are paying for...and you can always call us to confirm you have sent and we have received your payment.

These instructions apply ONLY if we did not send you a money request through Paypal.  If we sent you a request and you received an email from Paypal, follow the instructions provided in the email from Paypal.

1- Log into your Paypal Account

2- Click on "Send Money"

3- Put our paypal address ( in the "To" box , and the amount you owe below that.

4- BE CERTAIN to put some sort of note or invoice number on the next screen before you send the payment.  Failure to do so could delay your order.

If you could not get your order to go through online with Credit Card or PayPal, you can place your order using CHECK/MONEY ORDER and then using the link above to send the order total to us via PayPal.