Below should be all info your bank would require to be able to send us an Electronic Wire Transfer.  Please understand you must SPECIFY exactly how many US DOLLARS should arrive on our end at the time of your wire.  Various banks will deduct random amounts from your wire along it's path from your bank to ours so you must state exactly how much should arrive on our end so they figure out these fees in advance.  If your wire transfer is short when it arrives to us, it can and most likely will delay us ordering or shipping product on your behalf.

Bank Wire Transfer Info:
Business Name: Xenocron Tuning Solutions, INC.
Account Number: 2491851210
Routing Number: 021200957
TD Bank
Store # 095 0015
1 Interstate Shopping Center
Ramsey, NJ 07446 USA
(201) - 934-1267


Any questions you can call us.