1. Install each bosch 044 into the surge tank make sure not to bottom them out in the surge tank. (Leave about 1/16" to 1/8" from lip on bosch 044 fuel pump)

2. Make sure the bosch 044's are level to each other. Use a level if possible.

3. Put the bracket that goes around the bosch 044's near but not all the way down around the pumps

4. Take a measurement of the bosch 044 inlets, center of fitting to center of fitting. (Needs to be 68mm)

5. Place fuel log onto the bosch 044's. Make sure the bottom washer is on each bosch 044. Do not push down with a lot of force. It will slide on, a little side to side wiggle might

    be necessary.

6. Place washers onto the top of the fuel log and tight down using the 2 nuts supplied.

7. Now attached the bracket around the bosch 044's and tight using the 3 allen bolts.