If you attempted to place an order and pay with your credit and it declined, there are a few things you need to know.

1) If the BILLING Address you used on our website is not identical to the one on your credit card or bank statement, then our website will decline your credit card and tell you that its declined.  When you click the process button, it ATTEMPTS to charge your card though, and you will most likely see a charge against your account.  This charge will be returned to you normally within a few days (your bank, and my credit card processor Paypal are the only ones that can work this out and how long it may take) and be assured that Xenocron DOES NOT have your money and there is nothing we can do at that point to help you get your money back faster unfortunately.  So please make sure your BILLING ADDRESS is 100% correct.

2) The same rules apply for the 3/4 digit code on the on the back of your card (your CVV code) as number 1.  If this is enter incorrectly, the card will decline and all else remains the same.

3) If there are insufficient funds or a problem with your credit card, your order may decline as well.  The only thing to do here is to call your bank and speak with a representative.

You can try placing another order with a different card, or if you have a PAYPAL Account, you can try checking out with PAYPAL on our website....you can use your credit card normally to fund a Paypal transaction as well, so this may be a better option for you.  Please make sure you use your CONFIRMED Paypal Shipping address when you checkout online.

Also, if this is your first order with us and your order exceeds $99 we will NOT ship to any address other than the BILLING Address on your credit card so this may delay your order as well.

Please contact us with any other questions.


Xenocron Customer Support