Look at the Hondata website for the various REFLASH options, make sure what you are looking to do is actually supported by Hondata.  We are a DEALER and you can purchase ANY reflash through us but any Reflash must be sent to Hondata's Facility.  Please read the instructions carefully on the HONDATA website for the requirements they have and specifically what items you need to ship in to Hondata for the REFLASH.  More information and each application is located on their website here:


#1 - Determine that Hondata has a Reflash for your application from the above link.  Next, you will place an order on our website for the Hondata Reflash:


In the COMMENTS, please specify which REFLASH you are having done.  MAKE SURE YOU SELECT A PROPER SHIPPING METHOD.  Hondata only ships Next Day, 2nd Day or 3 Day so you must select one of these or your order may be delayed if we need to collect more money from you for the proper shipping option.  Keep in mind, this shipping method is the RETURN shipping from Hondata to you.  You will be responsible for shipping your ECU to Hondata for this service.

#2 - You will remove your ECU, IMMO and KEY from the car (if the instructions on Hondata's website call for you to do so) or just your ECU if the IMMO and KEY are not required for your reflash.  Please check HONDATA's website or call us for these details.  Each specific reflash above with have detailed instructions.

#3 - You will then print out and COMPLETELY fill out the REFLASH form from Hondata's website:


#4 - We will email you a PURCHASE ORDER with your name and address from your order you placed on our website.  You will print out a copy of this Purchase Order, the Reflash Form and all of your parts and you will send that package into HONDATA directly (address is on REFLASH FORM.  It does NOT get shipped to Xenocron.  The method of shipment you send it to Hondata is on you, you choose how fast and you will pay for that shipping.  You can use USPS, UPS, FEDEX....its totally up to you.  We recommend you use an INSURED method with delivery confirmation.  Hold on to the tracking for yourself.  The faster you send it to Hondata, the faster you will receive it back.

#5 - When Hondata receives your package, they will do the reflash if all paperwork is in order.  If something is off, they may contact Xenocron, and then we will have to contact you.  If all is good, they will perform the reflash and ship it back to you via the shipping selection you choose at checkout on our website (Next Day, 2nd Day, 3 Day).  If you would like a FASTER RETURN SERVICE, then select a faster service when you are checking out on my website so the website can charge you accordingly for return shipping.

Please let us know if you have any other questions!