Walbro offers a one year warranty against manufacturing defects on their in-tank and external high performance fuel pumps [i.e. GSS and GSL pumps] and 90 days on their bellows pumps and Series 6000 pumps.   Previously, they were very forgiving with their policy. They simply told vendors to return the pumps and give the customer a new pump.   Pretty much a "no questions asked" warranty.

In March, 2004, we were told by Walbro that they were no longer going to blindly replace fuel pumps that were declared defective by customers.   This decision was made due to an extremely high volume of pumps tested (nearly 98 percent) that proved to be non-defective.   Since then, pumps were required to be sent to Walbro for testing.   Even though the number of returned pumps dropped dramatically, a vast majority of returned pumps were still found to be not defective.   That testing was taking a significant amount of time/effort.

Walbro says that most high-pressure pump failures can be blamed on one or more of the following:

  • Operating the pump without a pickup filter
  • Operating the pump in a dirty tank/fuel system
  • Operating the pump without fuel [i.e. dry]
  • Operating the pump in a returnless fuel system where the vehicle controls fuel pressure by modulating the voltage to the pump [e.g. '99 up Mustang].

Starting August 1, 2005, Walbro has implemented a $40.00 charge per pump for testing.   If you have a fuel pump you believe has failed due to manufacturing defects, return it to Xenocron along with a money order for $40.  Xenocron will return that pump for testing.   If Walbro determines the pump failed under warranty, we will send you a new pump and your $40.   If you can't wait for the test results [usually 12-16 weeks or longer], we will sell you a replacement pump, then refund your purchase price if the pump failed due to manufacturing defects.