Parts Consignment Program

1) Bring/Ship (using attached form) any new/used part(s) into Xenocron and have us sell them on consignment for you.  Our consignment fee is 20% of the price we sell the item for.  IE…if we sell a part for $500, we keep $100 and give you $400 after it sells (less any credit card or payment fees).  The minimum fee we will sell for on consignment for is $20 so your item should be able to be sold for $100 unless you are willing to accept a smaller margin on your end.

2) We will attempt to sell your item for 30 days (1 month) at the sales price we both agree on when you bring it in or prior to you shipping it to us in that case.  We will use various sales channels to sell your item (online, ebay, groups, forums, etc).

3) After 30 days if your item has not sold, we can discuss further options and you can choose to pick your item up, or we can drop the sales price to encourage a quick sale . A 10-20% price drop would be typical, but we can discuss and agree on this together.

4) If an item cannot be sold after 60 days, you will be notified to pick up your item and you have 30 days to do this (or pay to have us ship it to you) otherwise after those 30 days your item becomes our property.  We do this so that we aren’t a warehouse for parts that just won’t sell and we want to be upfront about the time frames.  There will be NO EXCEPTIONS to these dates or timelines.  If you want to severely drop the price for one last 30 day “fire sale” period…we will consider that on a case by case basis but will make no promises.


We will list our items in our USED PARTS section of our website (if used) or in the CLEARANCE section if still new in box.  We will also post your items on our social media (Instagram and Facebook) and we encourage you to share our posts and asks your friends to so the same to help us with exposure.  We will NOT list the owner of the parts however and we ask you to do the same in your shares.  This is encouraged but certainly not required.

If you sell your item on your own in the 30-60 days it is listed with us, you will need to pay us 10% of the price that we listed it for and then you can pick it up your parts as a fair courtesy.

We are trying to offer a fair service to help you sell parts you no longer need, while making a profit because of the wide reach and customer base we have.  That is worth something and we are just asking for fair compensation.  Our terms are one size fits all, non-negotiable and set in stone.  We don’t want to play favorites or make special cases as this just confuses everyone including our sales and shipping staff.

We reserve the right to decline to sell your property for any reason.  Should you have an item you would like to have us sell for you, it's probably best to contact us via email (no phone calls please) at where we can help you best.