There are 4 ways we do tuning...

1) E-Tune, this is where you send me logs via email, I review them, make changes to the calibration that runs your car and I send you the revised calibration, and you repeat the process of getting a log and sending it back to me.  This process takes some time, since its not live and we are essentially waiting on each other.  No way to get an accurate HP figure this way either.  

Pricing - starts @ $399

2) REMOTE Tune, thats where you rent dyno time, and I remotely log into a laptop that is connected to your vehicle and I tune it in approx 3 hours (usually) on a dyno to optimize everything we can with the car and you get dyno sheets.  Its a much more efficient and accurate process than E-Tuning

Pricing - starts @ $400

3) DYNO TUNING in person, where of course you bring me the car to my facility and I tune it on my dyno.

Pricing starts at $500 and up

4) TRAVEL Tuning, where we travel to your area, and you setup dyno time with a facility near you.  This usually works out best if we can get a minimum of (4) cars to have tuning performed on in one day.  You would cover all travel and expenses as well as securing and paying for dyno time.  There would also be a minimum charge for the day, or a per car charge if enough cars are arranged for tuning that exceed the daily rate.

As of 1/1/21 we are currently not taking on new E-Tuning customers or doing Travel Tuning.  Please contact us for more information.