This is our popular tuner harness which is designed for the average street or dyno tuner to EASILY plug into a customers car and easily power, ground and input a wideband signal into an OBD1 Honda ECU, for chip tuning, Hondata or Neptune.  This harness also easy allows you to troubleshoot the most important sensors that you might need to have easier access to.

Instructions for the OBD1 Tuner Harness:

  • The OBD1 pass-through harness will plug into your OBD1 vehicle (in-cabin) ECU harness plugs on one side and into your OBD1 ECU on the other.  This allows you to tap into certain wires in the harness of the car you are tuning without hurting the car’s harness and allowing easy access to powers (12v) and grounds as well as valuable sensor data used for external dataloggers or when troubleshooting issues.
  • Wire colors are as follows
    • Red: 12 Volt (A25)
    • Black: Ground (C21)
    • Green: Ignitor/RPM/TACH (A21)
    • White: TPS (D11)
    • Blue: ECT (D13)
    • Purple: O2 Signal (D14)
    • Orange: IAT (D15)
    • Yellow: MAP (D17)
    • Gray: Not connected, use for any custom application you can think up
    • Brown: Not connected, use for any custom application you can think up

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