PWM Boost Control Solenoid Setup Instructions for OBD1 Hondata S300 or Neptune RTP

Install the PWM Solenoid Components to your ECU in the Following Locations

Install the solenoid you purchased according to these diagrams.

Make sure you have a direct pressure source going to the SIDE PORT of your External Wastegate as well.
Hondata S300 Software Setup
Setup your solenoid configuration like this
Enable boost control (PWM) on output A11 should be checked
The solenoid configurations above are for a Normally Closed setup
Solenoid activation must be slightly below what your Wastegate spring is rated for
Start with a small Fixed Duty Cycle and gradually increase it to increase boost while noting what boost pressures are achieved at various Duty Cycle Percentages
Set your Pressure vs. Duty Cycle according to these boost pressures you saw as you increased duty cycle.  From there you can set Boost By Gear.
For the Air temperature compensation table, as IATs increase or decrease, the solenoid will react differently…you can account for this with these settings.  Various solenoids will react differently in this table as some are more stable than others.
Neptune RTP Software Setup
Setup your solenoid configuration like this

If you want to plumb for an internal gate, here is a decent diagram