Brown Wire = VCC (Voltage to Sensor) 5 volt – 12 volt from the ECU
Black Wire is the OUTPUT.  This is what PULSES and what the ECU Reads.  Send this to your Factory VSS pin on your ECU wiring or to a Digital Pulsed input if using an aftermarket ECU
Blue wire is the SENSOR GROUND.  Do not ground this to chassis, wire this to the ECU Sensor Ground

Air Gap between the sensor and trigger wheel should be roughly 0.030” – 0.060” (try larger)
Crimp the pins using an “Open Barrel Style Crimping Tool” being careful to ensure there is adequate contact between the wire and barrel on the pin.  We have included and extra male and female pin with each kit…be careful!
Setup for your particular EMS is your responsibility, the procedure here will vary.  We do not have information on each particular system so please contact your EMS manufacturer for more info.

Please see the additional attached images that show some install photos.