USB Datalogging Cable Instructions

Solder the white 4 pin header into spots 1-4 on your ECU in the spot labeled CN2.  The cable is already pinned correctly and should plug onto the white 4 pin header once it is installed into your ECU.
This is how the wires are connected to your ECU.  It is pinned correctly as is.
USB Datalogging Cable
       ECU SIDE
       CN2 plug
          Black = Ground
      PIN 1 (GND)
          White = Receive
      PIN 2 (TX)
      PIN 3 (+5v) Not used w/ USB
          Red = Transmit
      PIN 4 (RX)
      PIN 5 NOT USED
Download the USB drivers and install them.  If you have certain versions of XP, the drivers may install automatically.
Download the USB drivers @
If you are having COM Port issues, use this file to remove ALL drivers installed. To uninstall any old FTDI Drivers, use the FTDI Clean Utility
Unplug all USB Devices, Run the Clean Utility, Restart the Computer and then one by one, plug in the USB Devices you want to use and let the driver AUTO install.
Go into the Device Manager after that have installed (with the devices still plugged in) and set them to the appropriate COM PORT #’s and change the latency timer from 16 to 1

More tips for setting up Datalogging in Crome, eCtune, Neptune
  •       Make sure Datalogging is ADDED to the BIN file (Crome à PluginsàEnhancementsàQuick Datalogger + RTP, always there in eCtune and Neptune)
  •       Make sure J12 jumper is removed inside the ECU for USDM, J4 for JDM ECU
  •       Make sure you have the cable plugged onto the CN2/CN3 port in the correct direction (only goes one way)
  •       Make sure your COM port assigned in the Device Manager is lower than COM 8 (just to be safe)
  •       Make sure the Latency Timer is set to 1 in the advanced properties of the COM Port Driver
  •        Make sure the COM port that comes up in the Device Manager is what you have your engine management set to (matching COM ports)

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Last Updated 1/09/18