Before or After you have ordered Crome PRO from Xenocron Tuning, use these instructions to get the Registration String and Unlock the PRO features in Crome.


Download the latest version of Crome FREE from and install the program on the laptop computer you will be tuning with.  Do not install it on your desktop or a ‘temporary’ laptop as the registration string is only good for ONE computer.


Once installed on your computer of choice, go to HELP - REGISTER and look for the SERIAL ID #




Copy and Paste that SERIAL ID # into an email and send to “customerservice –AT-”.  ALWAYS, include the ORDER # and  FULL NAME that was on the order when you placed along with the date of payment.  These two items are CRITICAL for me to be able to look up and validate the proper information to provide you with a REGISTRATION STRING.  If these two items are omitted in the email, your REG STRING could be delayed or denied until that information is furnished.  If at all possible, always reply to the email that is automatically sent to you by our Website once you originally placed your order with us.  For reference, you can always log back into to your account on and see this information if you ever need it again.


Once we receive the SERIAL ID# and the proper information, we will reply back with a REGISTRATION STRING that you should copy/paste back into the same box where you found the SERIAL ID but copy/paste it into the “Reg String” box and then click on “Register”.  This will unlock the PRO features of Crome.


Thanks for your purchase!


Xenocron Team