Installation Instruction for Mobilizer-A0 and Mobilizer-FX01

1. Open the ECU and locate and identify the Immobilizer System


    Immo-A0 use our Mobilizer-A0                   Immo-FX01 use our Mobilizer- FX01


2. Notice and remember the orientation of the Board. Desolder the stock Immobilizer board.


3. Install now our Mobilizer-Board. Take care about the orientation.


    4. Only for Mobilizer-A0: If you want to use blank Keys or the red Key

          you need to bypass the Immobilizer-Control-Unit, too. Locate the    

  Immobilizer-Control-Unit under or neer the Steering Column.   

  Disconnect the 8pin Connector and connect Pins A3 to A8 the  

  Harness.  Keep the 8pin Connector disconnected.