D.I.Y.   3.0 or 4.0 Bar Map Sensor Instructions

Top of Board, sensor gets soldered to the TOP in the same direction as both pictures show.

This is the sensor, looking at it from the top.  You can read the part # looking at it in this orientation.

1.Strip your wires (red/black/white).  On the bottom of the board, if you can read the numbers  340166 from left to right, position the wires as follows:      


2. Carefully solder wires in from the bottom side of the board.  Solder the sensor to the board.

3. When soldering surface mount components, carefully & gently press the soldering iron on the sensor pins that sit on the solder pad just enough to melt the solder and for the pins to stick to/in the solder.*DO NOT LEAVE THE IRON ON TO LONG  AS THE SENSOR IS EASLY OVERHEATED*