Tech Article: How to Setup and Burn SST Chips with Crome Tuning Software
First, make sure you have the Moates BURN1 or BURN2 Chip Burner as pictured here:
Next, download the FREE VERSION of Crome PRO from and install it on the computer you plan to use.

The current version at the time of writing this is available at the following link:

Next Download and Install the FTDI Drivers for your computer from this link:
These are AUTO INSTALLING Drivers so that when you plug in the HARDWARE for the first time, the drivers will install themselves if using XP or Vista.
There is a VISTA SPECIFIC GUIDE that may be helpful for VISTA Users here:
After you have installed the Drivers, plug in the Chip Burner to a USB PORT on your computer.  The cable should be plugged into both the chip burner and the laptop or desktop you are using.  You should hear (if your volume is up) the Windows BEEP when it recognizes there is a piece of hardware plugged in and you should see a notification that your drivers are being installed and then another notifications when the Device is ready to use.

Once you see these notifications, go into your DEVICE MANAGER.

Goto START, Right Click on MY COMPUTER and Choose Properties

In the PROPERTIES Screen, Click on the HARDWARE tab and then click on Device Manager

This will then show you what COM PORT # your Burner has been Assigned.  You can see on my computer it is COM5

Right Click on the COM, and choose PROPERTIES.  Click on the PORT SETTINGS Tab and choose ADVANCED which opens this screen.

Make sure the LATENCY TIMER is set to “1” instead of 16 which is the default value.

Now, ok or close all of those windows and unplug the device and then plug it back in.  This resets everything and as long as you plug it back into the same USB spot, it will always assign the same COM Port #

Next open up the Crome Software and choose the file you want to burn.  If you don’t have a file already create a new (covered in a different write-up).

Crome should look like this: