Beginners Start-Up & Tuning Guide



This is a brief and basic how-to to get you started using Crome, making a basemap and the basic fundamentals of beginning to street tune your own vehicle.  I assume a lot about you, the user of this software before starting along this path.  Please use this as a GUIDE and do not email or message me technical support questions about this guide unless you have purchased a Crome PRO Package from me please.  Crome is not my product nor do I necessarily support it in a technical nature.  I do support it as an enthusiast and as a vendor of hardware products that people use on a daily basis in conjunction with Crome through my posts on various forums when I can.

Please consider using Crome PRO in your next Honda/Acura project for DIY ECU Tuning.  See more information at:

Crome Setup, COM Ports, Wideband, etc

 I have developed a basic write-up located here:

            Setup Guide

I will assume you have everything set and operating properly before beginning.
Version Info

Please make sure you have the latest stable version of Crome software when attempting this.  I am using Crome PRO beta 1.2.5 with Adv Boost tools (ABT 2.0+) and FV Fuel Tools (FC5) that can be found on the PGMFI forums in these threads:
         Crome Beta 1.2.5
         Advanced Boost Tools
         FV Fuel Tools

How Do I Make A Basemap for MY Vehicle?

Well…you want to start off with the best possible basemap for your setup right?  Who wouldn’t…so you need to model your basemap as closely as possible to the stock maps for your engine as possible.

Where Do I Find The Stock Maps For My Vehicle?

This is a common question and the answer is always RTFW (read the fucken Wiki).

Wiki ECU Definitions Codes and Stock ROM Dumps

Go there and look for the CLOSEST OBD1 .BIN file that matches your motor setup.  It is very easy if you have a B18b1, B18C1, D16Z6, D15B stock USDM motor.  It may get a little tricky if you have a JDM, EDM or other motor that isn’t typically found.  Also, some motors are OBD2 and only have OBD2 ROM dumps but luckily Crome does have the ability to open some OBD2 ROMs.

So download the .BIN file that closely matches your motor.  In this example…we are going to use the following common setup to make a basemap for:

- B18C1 GSR motor (Skunk2 IM, no IABs)
- DSM 450cc Injectors
- T3/T4 Turbo

…so we need to download the OBD1 273 Code Dump

Save it as ‘StockGSROBD1.bin’ on your desktop.

Now open Crome and click on the icon to open a new ROM.

Choose the P30 JDM Civic B16A (203) and click OK.  Your screen should now look like this:

Notice the ‘Base P30’ in the bottom left hand corner of the screen…we are using ‘P30 CODE’ as it is the most ‘developed’ code for OBD1 and Crome.  P72 is highly supported as well.  Start with a P72 codebase if you plan on using IABs (secondary butterfly valves) with your GSR or H22 motor/intake manifold.

Now open another copy of Crome and open that 273 GSR Bin we downloaded.  It should look like this: