Kswap Header Dyno Testing - PLM Rcrew Replica, Akmee, K-Tuned Big Tube

The market has been floating the same style k swap headers for some time now. We tried a few of them on the dyno for comparisons sake. Up to bat was the PLM Rcrew Replica, the Akmee header and the K-Tuned big tube. All of them have the same 4-2-1 configuration and look nearly identical with the exception that the K-tuned has a 3 inch collector instead of a 2.5. Take a look at some basic results from some basic testing. All 3 headers had superb fitment with the only difference being a little of fabrication needed to join the K-tuned Big Tube to the exhaust. It doesn't have a traditional donut gasket setup on it. Hopefully this can help you in your header buying decisions. 

First up is the Akmee vs. PLM Rcrew Replica

Red is the Akmee , Blue is the PLM Rcrew Replica 

This is on a k20a2 in a 92 Civic with an RBC manifold, Cold Air Intake, 3 inch exhaust on 93 octane. Very similar results, the power change can also be a run to run variance.

Next up is another Akmee vs. PLM Rcrew comparison

Blue is the PLM Rcrew Replica, Red is the Akmee Header Ignore that torque spike, it was due to a slight RPM signal loss on that run. This is a K20A(R) with a Skunk2 Ultra street manifold, 74mm TB, Length tuned cold air, 3 inch exhaust on e85. 

Next I wanted to try a higher output K24 setup.

Red is the Akmee and Blue is the PLM Rcrew Replica. The Akmee shows minor gains in the midrange and up top. The results aren't much to write home about but hopefully soon we can try a K-Tuned Big Tube on this setup. . This is on an 88x99 13:1 on Cartel 4.5's, skunk ultra race manifold, 3 inch exhaust on e85. 

Has anyone been seeing some goofy dual TB RBC'd K series on the internet lately? This is the dyno plot from it below

Blue is the K-Tuned big tube and the green run is the PLM Rcrew Replica. We saw gains from the midrange all the way up with the most major gains being towards our rev limiter of 8800. We were doing constant track testing at the time and with the change of this head and e85 we took a 1930(with driver) car from 11.1@121.2 to 10.9@124.6. This setup consists of a stock k24a2 block with Nippon pistons, K20a2 oil pump and a stock k20a2 head (valve train, cams, etc...all stock k20a2). This header seems to be a winner for this type of setup if you're in the market for something in this price range.

Thanks for checking this out! 

PLM Rcrew Replica - http://www.xenocron.com/private-label-swap-header-egdc2-p-1384.html

K-Tuned Big Tube Header - http://www.xenocron.com/tuned-tube-swap-header-p-1432.html