The pinouts are labeled on the unit and it comes with the pigtail shown, if purchased as a standalone piece.

  1. Black - GND is Ground
  2. Red - PWR is Power (+12v switched ignition source)
  3. White - INPUT is the input from the ethanol sensor
  4. Yellow - VOUT1 is the voltage output that represents ethanol content. The range is .5v for 0% and 4.5v for 100%. This is the signal wire that would run to the labeled ECU input used for flex fuel.
  5. Orange has been eliminated from our harness

DTM 3p Connector

  1. Power (Red) -12volt
  2. Ground (Black)
  3. Converter Output (Yellow), 0-5v output to ECU

The DTM 3p Socket included should be used to wire the kit to your ECU.  Use the switched, fused 12 volt power that supplies your ECU with power (splice), use the ECUs main ground (splice) and wire the 0-5 volt converter out to your ECUs Analog Voltage Input that will be used for Flex Fuel Monitoring.  The scaling is .5v is 0% Ethanol and 4.5v is 100% Ethanol.

Model Specific Wiring Pinouts are not available at this time.  Please research this for your vehicle using the factory manuals.  If you would like to share your findings with us, we would be happy to list them here and give you credit for the work!

CURRENT VERSION IS REV 1, old instructions are still available via PDF attached here for customers that have the original kits. (9/26/18)