First, review HONDATA’s help file for setup info here:

Digital Input Wiring

We provide you ONE single wire that you will need to hookup to a fused, switched 12 volt (battery) source.  Other than this wire, the kit is plug and play.  I would recommend splicing into the ECU power supply (12v) at pin A2 or A3. 

DTM 4s Connector (Plug – Male) This is for setting up any CAN DASH to your KPRO

  1. Power (Red) -12volt
  2. Ground (Black)
  3. CAN HI (Blue)
  4. CAN LO (Yellow)

DTM 3s Connector (Plug - Male) This is for the Flex Fuel Sensor

  1. Power (Red) -12volt
  2. Ground (Black)
  3. Converter Output (White), Pulsed Signal output to ECU

DTM 3p Connector (Receptacle - Female) This is for setting up an additional Speed Sensor Input to the KPRO

  1. Power (Red) -12volt
  2. Ground (Black)
  3. Speed Sensor Output (RED, pin1 on Hondata Board), Pulsed Signal  to ECU

Sensor Subharness

  1. Power (White/Blue) – 12 volt
  2. Ground (White/Orange)
  3. Signal (White) – to ECU

You are responsible for your own fuel line plumbing.  We recommend the sensor be placed into the feed, after the fuel rail but before the fuel pressure regulator in a “return style” fuel system.  You can place the sensor inline on the fuel return if needed, but this is not our preferred location.  For a returnless system, the sensor must be on the feed, before the fuel rail.