Many customers need just a little extra help getting their car setup for a tune or running on a basemap.  Not everyone has extensive enough experience to load basemaps, troubleshoot issues when trying to get a new build running and being certain not to flood the engine with too much fuel or making sure all of the sensors are working 100% before your scheduled tune.

We can schedule and offer you this remote help using Teamviewer.  This service must be scheduled and the rate is $100 per hour billed in 1/2 hour blocks of time.

You will need a laptop with the most up to date version of tuning software on it that you are using and have Teamviewer installed an a good internet connection while being connected to the vehicle.  If we are not tuning the vehicle, you will either need to have a good basemap already or there may be an extra fee for us to create a basemap for you.

Download Teamviewer

Make sure you have a GOOD battery on the car, and that it is fully charged or even on a tender or battery charger.

Send an email to if you would like to setup one of these appointments whether we are tuning the vehicle or not.