We have been doing more and more remote dyno, track or just in general private label support via remote methods, so I decided to do this write-up in order to help us make better use of both your time as well as ours.  I find a lot of remote customers end up chipping into their paid time with me setting up basic computer stuff instead of doing the support or tuning which could be better suited for them.  If you are interested in these services, please email tuning@xenocron.com for more info. I promise 100% confidentiality in every situation (unless you want us to share that you work with us) for those who might not want everyone or even your customers know that you need a little professional help to give your customers the best result.

We use ANYDESK and we pay for a commercial license.  Be wary of those who don't or who use other freeware versions out there unless they aren't charging you.  If you are paying good money for a good tuner, make sure they are using good tools.  One of the first steps of any remote session is to have you download ANYDESK and ask you for the remote login and password.  AnyDesk is free for you to download, install and use.  Make sure you are up to date on this software before your remote session.


First, always make sure you have the most recent version of software downloaded and installed.  That means go to the website of the ECU or manufacturer of whatever software we are helping you with the day before your appointment or race and check their downloads area to make sure you have the most recent version.  If you do, great!  If you do not, then download that software installer to your laptop or computer that we will be using and go through all of the steps of installing that software including the software itself and/or any data logging software that may need to be used as well.  Install each software and then open and run the software on your computer to make sure it can open.  If your computer is not sufficient to run the software or is REALLY slow to do so, then this can eat into your paid time as well and I would recommend you find a different, better or faster computer for a remote session.

Second, make sure your internet connection is solid and fast!  There is nothing worse than having to wait 2 seconds between clicks on a mouse to watch the screen update from my side.  It is painful, and it is expensive for you!  Make sure you have a good internet connection (wired prefer) or make sure your cell phone has a solid wifi connection at the exact spot where you will be providing your laptop a mobile wifi hotspot.  If you have to go to the dyno spot ahead of time to check this (or better yet ask the dyno if you can borrow their high speed wifi or wired connection) then you should make sure, please do not just assume the world is one big hotspot and that ever dyno gives out free WiFi, ask!

Make sure all windows updates are done a day or two before!  Another common issue I have seen is windows updates itself in the middle of a tune and we have to wait!  You are paying per hour...again, something easy you can take care of before your tune time or track session.  Or go into Windows Update settings and turn off all windows updates.  If you don't know how to do this, Google it or YouTube it, there are hundreds of videos on how to do this!

Be certain you have all cables needed for connection and make sure they are in good condition.  Do not use cheap cables, use the ones that came with your ECU...not all are created equal.  Make sure the battery on your laptop is good and make sure you bring a power supply for your laptop so if we need to plug in so the battery wont die we can.

If I have not previously tuned or connected to your vehicle, make sure it doesn't have a password on it that would restrict us from doing so.  If it does, then contact me in advance and there are some options, but if we schedule an appointment and I log in to find a password that would make it unable for us to tune, then you may still be charged the full or a partial rate for the time slot allotted.  Please know that I do not enjoy doing this, but my time is valuable and I rent it out where I can and items like this that can be checked well in advance can be avoided.  Please do not get upset with me in these situations...if you do or might if this happens, then I am probably not your guy.

Lastly, most of the ECUs, Dashes, software and your vehicle cost a lot of money, these are an investment.  Make sure you are educating yourself to get the best use out of these items along with the best use of my services.  Many of these companies put a LOT of time into the online HELP files and manuals.  Even if you are not a tuner, read these, study them....get familiar with them and if you have zero interest in doing that, pay someone local to you to be interested in that for you.  I can work with a shop on your behalf if this is how you work.  Even though an "expert" is connected to your laptop, they still need someone on the other side that can give them feedback, notice things (good or bad) that they can see, hear, smell or feel and make note of those.  Someone who takes the time to learn about all of their investment will have a much better overall experience to someone else that doesn't.  It will often also save you from someone who is just taking your money and rushing through tune or a log.  The more you know, the better...don't be lazy or it gets costly really quickly!

Current Software Download area of the systems we Remote Tune

On the day of your tune or support session

  • Be ready, make sure your laptop is booted up, fully charged and ready to go.  Start all software, if you know enough to connect to your ECU, go ahead and do that!   Be ready ahead of time, not at the exact moment or after we start.
  • Make sure AnyDesk is started and ready, make sure you have a solid internet connection and the user ID and password are up on your AnyDesk screen.  If we need to talk to each other, generally I like to use Facebook Messenger or Skype (sorry, I dont give out my cell # to customers) or I can call a landline from my office number or a blocked # if you are in the US.
  • Make sure the vehicle is READY!  Should be strapped to a dyno, battery in good shape and full charge...etc.  Just do a common sense check and you should be fine!