Crome FREE is the version you can download and use from    This version allows you to open many OBD1 Stock ROMs (programs/code) like the P28, P30, or P72....along with others you may find.  The only ROMs that are editable and tunable with advanced features built into Crome are the P30 and P72 ROMs.  You will find you can can do some things with P30 that you cannot do with P72.

    You can burn chips using the P30, P72 or P28 ROMs (and even more), and you can even upload these to an Ostrich Emulator and update a running vehicle in real time with a free version.  The only thing you CANT do is Datalog with the Free Version

Crome PRO is the same thing as Crome FREE, except once you unlock the paid PRO version, you can now datalog with a datalogging cable like the Moates Hulog.  This is the only difference between FREE and PRO

Crome Dealer unlocks everything with Crome, and specifically it gives you the ability to burn chips with the Crome GOLD ROM base which you cannot use or burn chips with in the PRO or FREE versions.  If you want to tune with the GOLD Rom and you want to be able to save your tunes as a BIN file and burn them to a chip, you need the DEALER Version (Xenocron does not sell the dealer version, it is only available through