These are some common requests we receive on a daily basis.  First and foremost, if you have purchased and item from us directly and need support, we are here for you!  If you would like us to support a product or something else without any purchase history from us, please expect to pay us a professional amount based on an hourly rate for what you need support or help troubleshooting or fixing.

Can you look at my log?

Yes we can, but we need detailed information from you.  The details you can provide, the better.

  1. Order # of what you purchased from us.  This allows us to see exactly what you bought from us, which gives us details we need to know.
  2. Year, make and model of the vehicle, this is specific
  3. I need some detailed logs, you need to record specifically when the issue is occuring, save that log and email it to us.  If your issue occurs at idle, do not send us only a log of you driving.  Be specific about the RPM and Load your issue occurs.  DETAILS matter.
  4. Lastly, I need an exact copy of the Calibration that was running in the vehicle when you created the log.  Do not send me a log that was made with a different calibration, this does us no good.

Why is my car doing this?

In reality, I probably do not know and the most qualified person to be able to troubleshoot needs to be at the vehicle.  If you can provide a log and a calibration (see above) then there may be some clues, but chances are a mechanic or a specialist (tuner) needs to help you in person and you need to pay them their hourly rate to do so.  This will offer you the quickest resolution to your issue rather than spending a bunch of time trying a variety of things and replacing parts that do not need replacing. 

I don't know how to tune, can you tell me how?

There are many ways to learn how to tune, most take time and practice.  Skills that are required are heavy in MATH and understanding Physics and Engine Dynamics so if you aren't "good" at these, chances are you wont be at tuning unless you decide to get good and dive in deep and learn.

  1. First and foremost, ALWAYS read through the HELP files from the manufacturer for whatever engine management you are using on your project.  Manufacturers spend a lot of time (the good ones) on creating these files and keeping them up to date.  Read through them, understand them and start slowly.  This will help you use that system specifically and may not be 100% tuning related help but it is important
  2. Find a good online or in person tuning guide.  The ones we recommend or have used ourselves are as follows and linked.  There are certainly more out there, but these are the one's we have direct experience with.
    1. EFI University
    2. HP Academy