For DYNO Tuning appointments from 4/1 and on, here is what we are going to use in ALL situations.  Unfortunately, if these policies do not fit your ability or schedule, then we will be unable to tune a vehicle for you.

  1. Make an appointment for a DROP OFF date.  Email us, and include the setup details including Engine Management (ECU) being used, power goals, vehicle usage (Drag, Road Coarse, etc) and fuel being used. If you already have a DEPOSIT on file with us, please let us know that at this time.
  2. Once an agreed upon date has been established, you must leave a deposit on the website within 24 hours or you could lose your spot.
  3. Our normal forms will be emailed to you with a confirmation.  You must print out the PDF, fill it out in full, sign it and make sure it is inside your vehicle along with the balance of the tune cost in cash.  Any differences, repairs, fixes or added features that cost additional can be taken care of via Paypal or Credit Card electronically before vehicle pickup occurs.
  4. Your vehicle must be CLEAN and SANITIZED.  Anything you need to leave in the vehicle should be in the trunk. The only thing you should leave in the vehicle would be any parts I need to install (spark plugs or map sensors) or cables/devices I may need to use for tuning.  If you even remotely suspect that I may cringe when opening the door to your vehicle, please clean it again.  Vacuum it and wipe it down...please take pride in your vehicle if you want me to take pride and care when tuning it.  
  5. I will give you a drop off day, you will park your car outside in an approved spot in our lot.  You will fully lock the vehicle and we will give you instructions on where to leave the keys in your confirmation email.  Your vehicle will be left OUTSIDE for 48-72 hours at a minimum.  After that disinfecting period we will wipe down all surfaces that we may touch and bring it inside either to be tuned right away or to begin any checks or work we need to complete before tuning.
  6. The vehicle will be tuned on the dyno.  We may call you during the tune with questions, so please make sure we have a good phone number to reach you at on your Dyno Agreement.
  7. Any situation that may require insurance is on you.  Please understand this, our insurance does not cover vehicles in this particular situation for any reason and we will not be responsible for any claims during this period.  We will NOT be driving your vehicle on the road for any reason.  Any situation that you can remotely think may happen here is on you...please be advised!
  8. Once the vehicle is tuned, we will wipe down the surfaces we touch with a disinfectant, and then put the vehicle back outside in the spot it was in before.  We can arrange for the keys to be left in a particular place or come up with a way for you to get them back.  This will be a case by case basis.  After vehicles are tuned, we advise you pick the up as soon as humanly possible.
  9. If you have any questions about this policy/procedure....please ask BEFORE leaving any deposit.  All of our deposits are non-refundable for any reason.

Again, I apologize if this makes your life too difficult to use us for tuning but unfortunately I am not willing to risk the health and safety of myself, my employees or my family during this crazy time.  I appreciate your business and your patience!

 - Chris H