Xenocron SST Chip – Version 2

We created this item to fill a void of legitimate SST chips no longer being made.  We tried to value add to this at the time by offering a simple jumper to access either the upper or lower half of the chip in applications that only use 256k BIN files (chip has a total of 512k)

Most of our customers use these on Honda OBD1 ECUs but I am sure there are other applications out there.  This chip is the same size and form factor as the ever popular SST27SF512 eeprom.  The eprom on the board is a legitimate SST PLCC chip and is converted via the board to work in a through-hole 28 pin fashion.

Special notes:

  • If you use these with an ARIES ZIF socket in a Honda OBD1 Application, you will have to carefully bend up the 2 pin jumper to clear the latch handle.  You can desolder this as well if you don’t intend to use that function.
  • When the initial batch of these were released, there was an issue with using both halves of the chip.  As of 10/20/20 we are now sending out the chips with PIN #1 cut, which allows both halves of the chip to be used, and a program stored to each half.  If you have one of the originals that were sent out before October 20th, then all you have to do is cut off the pin #1 leg and yours will work the same.

Process for burning both halves of the chip.  You must be using a BURN2 and Moates Flash and Burn Software.  This will not work when burning straight from the tuning software (like Crome or others)

1) Create two 32k bin files with your tuning software of choice and save them with different names.  They must be exactly 32k in size.  In Crome, if you add notes to the file, it will mess this up.

2) Open the Flash and Burn software, select the 27SF512 supported chip.  Open file #1 (the one you want to run with no jumper installed) and the software should look like this.

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3) ERASE CHIP, and Blank Check....to make sure.  You must always ERASE the chip before burning new files to it.

4) Program Chip (make sure no jumper installed on the SST adapter).  Verify chip with buffer (confirm)

5) Load file #2 (the one you want to run with the jumper installed)

6) Program Chip (make sure the jumper is installed prior to programming).  Verify chip with buffer (confirm).

Now place the SST v2 Chip into your ECU, and if you want to run program one, leave the jumper off and if you want to run program 2, put the jumper on.

In most situations you can switch programs on the fly but I would always recommend to do it while the vehicle isn’t running.  You can also essentially just wire a SPST switch directly to the two pins and switch on/off if you need a remote solution to switching tunes on the chip.

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If you have any questions, please feel free to reach out to us at support@xenocron.com



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