Xenocron SST Chip – Version 2

We created this item to fill a void of legitimate SST chips no longer being made.  We tried to value add to this at the time by offering a simple jumper to access either the upper or lower half of the chip in applications that only use 256k BIN files (chip has a total of 512k)

Most of our customers use these on Honda OBD1 ECUs but I am sure there are other applications out there.  This chip is the same size and form factor as the ever popular SST27SF512 eeprom.  The eprom on the board is a legitimate SST PLCC chip and is converted via the board to work in a through-hole 28 pin fashion.

Couple of special notes:

  • If you use these with an ARIES ZIF socket in a Honda OBD1 Application, you will have to carefully bend up the 2 pin jumper to clear the latch handle.  You can desolder this as well if you don’t intend to use that function.
  • With the jumper disconnected you will want to burn the program to the upper half of the chip.  Use offsets 008000 to 00FFFF when you burn a 256k program to the socket
  • To burn the lower half, use offsets 000000 to 007fff

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In most situations you can switch programs on the fly but I would always recommend to it while the vehicle isn’t running.  You can also essentially just wire a SPST switch directly to the two pins and switch on/off if you need a remote solution to switching tunes on the chip.

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Description automatically generatedIf you have any questions, please feel free to reach out to us at support@xenocron.com



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