If you like to pick up your order instead of having us ship it to you, we offer Curbside Pickup.  Some of our services require you sending in an ECU as well, but we only offer one point of contact on each sale.  So in the instance of an ECU Service, you have the choice to drop off the ECU to us, and then we ship it back to you, or you can ship us the ECU and then when ready, you can use Curbside Pickup to come grab it.

When you are placing your order online, use Coupon Code "CurbsidePickup" at checkout which discounts the shipping costs and alerts our staff that you will physically be coming to pickup your order at our warehouse.  

Wait until you receive a phone call or email telling you that your order is ready for pickup, do not just show up or you may have wasted a trip.  

When you arrive, stay in your car and CALL 845-504-5340 and let us know you are here and picking up Order #x1111 (your order #) and someone will bring your order to your vehicle.  Do not come to the door and do not try to enter our building please.

If you are going to drop off an ECU for Service, make sure you drop it off with a copy of your prepaid order and again, you can call and let us know you are there to drop off an ECU.

We are open Monday through Friday, 9am until 5pm, EST....we are not open on weekends.