It is with a clear mind and a heavy heart that I write this blog post.  When I started on this journey roughly 18 years ago after purchasing my DA Integra, I never knew where that car would take me over this wild adventure, and what a ride it has been.

What started out as a hobby and quickly became a major part of my life, almost immediately developed into a thriving business that took over my life (while loving every minute of it).  I never imagined all of the friends I would make playing with cars and dabbling with electronics, but here we are 18 years later, thousands of customers, vendors, friends, competitors and I find myself during a part of my business life that is both odd to me, and somewhat comforting at the same time.  For the last 18 years I have been building a business, but that switched a few weeks ago and I now find myself trying to dismantle what I have created with as much grace and poise as I can muster.

At the beginning, when I finally realized this was a business, I told myself I would get out when at least one of two key ingredients went away.  Money and Fun are those ingredients of my professional career and unfortunately one of them is just no longer there, which means it is time to bow out.

I will spare you all of the details, as they are personal to me, but I wanted to put out a public plan for what you will see occurring here over the next few weeks as we wind down.  I have been lucky enough to not only have Xenocron, but I have started other businesses as well and these businesses will absorb some parts of Xenocron that need to carry on.  Race Spec and Syn Garage (which are partnerships if you didn't know) will become a much greater focus for me personally and all of our employees will transition to either of these businesses or any future opportunities I have brewing out there currently.  My team is strong and dedicated, and will bring the same level of excellence to whatever challenges we encounter, and I am dedicated to them.  Some products we have developed with the Xenocron brand will now be sold through Race Spec and perhaps other "dealer" partnerships.  All DYNO/Calibration related functions will be handled by Syn Garage including the scheduling of all dyno related services.  Race Spec and Syn Garage will get the majority of my own personal attention going forward, but I will also be taking a bit of a sabbatical through 2022 to focus on my family while also looking at other possible professional life direction.

On our website, we will be gradually discounting and selling off the majority of the inventory we have on the shelves.  We may be still doing some limited drop shipping of items we can easily get but honestly that will not be our focus.  If the site says we have something in stock, 99% chance its true and whatever number it shows for stock will be the last we have until it’s sold out.  If you have questions about stock, you can always call or email of course to confirm prior to placing an order and we encourage you to do so.

Whatever stock we have left at the end can be sold in lots to wholesale customers, shops or anyone really that might want to purchase a large lot of similar products at an extreme discount, but we will get to more of that later.  Keep checking out our CLOSEOUT/CLEARANCE section for items that get added daily along with the banners at he top of our home page that will promote certain brands that will be on sale.

Black Friday will be our last 'hurrah' for sales and shipping, and we aim to have everything gone by December 17th.   The last two weeks of this year will given to my employees to enjoy their families and their holidays, and I will be doing the same as well.

I will not personally be disappearing, as I do still enjoy this industry but I will be looking for other opportunities out there for myself. What this means is that if you know me and my particular skills, and have an opportunity....let's chat!

Thank you all for the support and time you have given me both personally and professionally through out the years I have known you!

 - Chris Harris

PS - Update 12/13/21 the main website is closed and inventory is selling off well.  If you are a business or larger customer and are interested in doing a BULK Purchase of items we have remaining in stock, please email and ask for instructions on how to do so and that can be provided.